Neptune Crossing by Jeffrey A Carver


Mad Mountain Man
Jun 29, 2010
Scottish Highlands
Neptune Crossing is a fun take on first contact and disaster story combined. The first contact stuff provides the fun with the snarky dialogue between John Bandicut, the main protagonist, and Charlie, the alien occupying Bandicut’s mind. Now that occupying his mind bit, for me, requires levels of suspension of disbelief that I’m, frankly, not very good at. This is a classic case of advanced alien technology that looks more like magic. But the writing was fluid and the story sufficiently interesting that I was prepared to run with it, though I almost abandoned it when faced with the extraordinarily inept handling of Bandicut’s attraction to the love interest. This was so badly written and so painfully embarrassing to read that I nearly gave up at that point. Fortunately, it was of little real importance to the plot and could be skimmed. A little surprising as the rest of the writing was generally well done.

An interesting book with an interesting premise. A little weird and looking like it might get more so in the books that follow on from it but just enough fun and intriguing plot to lift it to four stars from me and the likelihood that I will continue with the series.

4/5 stars

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