(Found) Blue eyed telekinetic evolved humans on colony ship


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Aug 26, 2020
In search of title and series.
In the late 90s i read a book that started off describing a planet that humans had colonized that had these trees that swayed and bent in the wind so much the top of the tree would touch the ground. Years passed and the humans built cities so vast they eventually covered most of the surface in mega structures. The cities were so large they disrupted the wind patterns and the trees went extinct, their seeds being too fragile to survive the fall from the top of the tree to the ground.
Without these trees the oxygen levels on the planet start to drop and the human populace moves under ground. A hierarchy forms, the poor living in the deepest tunnels mining ice for oxygen and the rich living above? Or leaving on colony ships?
The story follows a young child with rare sky blue eyes who grows up in the tunnels. Learns he has a sort of telekinetic ability and uses it to survive.
Either in the same book or in another of the unknown series, a colony ship is traveling to a new planet with 2 people on it, both with sky blue eyes. The rest of the passengers are asleep? Or frozen? All i remember is they arrive on the planet and are preparing a farm and the younger of the 2 people is discovered sitting alone surrounded by dead bees. He is seeing the bees in his head and making their hearts stop. And then eventually just crushing them in mid air with his mind.
The rest of the series goes on about the same idea. Children with sky blue eyes are randomly born and killed off in fear of their powers. A few escape and ban together to start their own communities/planet with only blue eyed telekinetic people and all the issues that arise when everyone can kill each other with their minds without any traces.
I was in middle school at the time and was simultaneously reading the Enderverse series and got this series confused with the shadow saga side of Enderverse. So in my mind for years i thought it was about Bean's kids from Enders game, until i went back recently and reread that entire series.
oh that's it. The second book is the book i was remembering! I kept finding the complete Worthing Saga and didnt realise it was all three books in one. Thank you.