Looking for a book where the main character is of another world, becomes a female and mute at the end


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Aug 25, 2020
I read this as a teen in the early 2000s... I think it's fantasy. I think there might be spells or something along the lines of spells involved. I want to say they might be aliens? Or there are humans but there are also a different species that live with them. What I do remember is that somewhere near the end, the main character is being held prisoner and the bad guy (or girl) tries to get him to reveal something by lowering a crystal down his throat. Main character knows that if he screams or yells, his voice will make the crystal break (or similar) and hurt him or kill him. Somehow at the end the main male character becomes a female and can't talk anymore, so no one knows who he used to be. I also think I remember he used to be some sort of prince or high ranking young adult... so when he is turned into a female, he also becomes like a handmaiden or something of the sort. I know it's a long shot. Thanks for any help!