Looking for an old pre-2008 book I read in a library about a space fighter pilot.

Occulta Impetum

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Aug 22, 2020
  • Media: Novel
  • Original year of publication/airing: I read this when I was either in college or high school. Prior to 2008 but probably older since it was in a library.
  • Major themes: War, Space Dog fights
  • Plot: I believe that the story starts with the main character on a farming planet and some people show up wanting to get him back into the fight. He is the best fighter pilot out there. The main enemy is another group that has ships that can cloak. Kind of a spoiler, he is a clone/genetic experiment/the original...I can't remember the exact detail but the other main "bad" pilot is based on him and is a newer "model". He sneaks into the "bad guy" base and is let in even though he is an older model of DNA. He wins in the end and beats the other pilot.
  • Setting: Future/Space
  • Characters: Sadly, I cannot remember any names.
  • The language you read or heard the story in: English
  • Details about the cover: Cannot remember...I read a lot of books ;)
  • Target audience/age group: I believe adult
  • Ideas that you have already ruled out: This was not based in the Star Wars universe (I keep running into this because of the "clone" thing). From what I know this thing was just a single book and not a series.

Sorry that I cannot remember more than that...I've looked for this thing off and on for the past few years and have no way to get back to the college library that I read this thing in. It's also likely that they don't even have it anymore.
It doesn't ring a bell right away, but there's a lot of knowledgeable SF readers in here so keep checking back on your post.

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Excellent use of the guidance for posting a query as well :)
Welcome @Occulta Impetum

That's a tough one. The plot sounds like the film Battle Beyond the Stars without the clones. Sorry I couldn't help. :(
I was going to suggest The Apocalypse Troll by David Weber, it does have a few of the same general elements, but the more I think about it the more I doubt it. I believe I've read it, but so far it hasn't clicked. Good luck!
Yeah, stick around, you'll enjoy it here.
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Good idea. Never did that. I have a different name on Stackexchange, Occam Shave, and I have an old copy of Lester Del Rey's Tunnel Through Time because I madly loved it as a kid.

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I miss AllExperts SF board more than anything. I added to a lot of answers Sue Kayton didn't know as "Val", and now they're gone. . . Gone. . . GONE!
Sounds familiar and I want to place it in late 60’s to mid 70’s. Just can’t pull up a name.