Searching for title & author of a book with the plot that earth has turned against humanity.


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Aug 2, 2020
Hi, I read a paperback many years back & have forgotten the title & author. Hoping you can help. The plot is that earth has turned against humanity & uses biological warfare in addition to weather, animals, earthquakes, tsunami to rid the earth of humans. If it helps any, I think the cover had a red background & either a full moon or the sun on the cover. Considering the saga of 2020, I thought it might be relevant to find & read this book again :) Thanks!
Deathworld by Harry Harrison would fit the bill, though it is not set on Earth.
This reminds me of a similar query I posted over on Stack Exchange a while ago, unfortunately no correct answer was found, maybe the same book?
Deathworld by Harry Harrison would fit the bill, though it is not set on Earth.

Ive read Deathworld . Im pretty sure that is not the book. In that Harrison book , the animals and lifeforms were natural . the colonists responses in kind and the animals respond back by becoming more aggressive and more lethal and the colonist again respond with more aggression . Basically , it was a vicious cycle situation.
Is the plot that God has abandoned mankind and favoured an alien species instead, and is using biblical phenomena to wipe mankind out? If so, there's a story called "For I Am A Jealous People" by Lester Del Rey that fits the bill. I think it's a novella.

Ray Bradbury wrote a short story about a planet that was sentient and used its native life to drive off some spacemen, but I don't think that's the one you're looking for.
For anyone interested in similar stories that are not set on Earth, besides the enchanting Ray Bradbury story "Here There Be Tygers", there is "Balanced Ecology" by James H. Schmitz.

If your memory is haunted by truly otherworldly plants and critters like diamondwood, mossbacks, and greenwebs, all in a concerted effort to stop some corporate miners and loggers from Earth starting their clear-cutting and strip-mining, then this is the story.

Still scanning my memory for similar stories based on Earth.
There is one where fairyfolk unite in a similar cause, but that's going to take some mining of my own in the memory banks.

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