Magical world where guns explode so only adepts can use them


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Jul 29, 2020

I'm looking for a book I read, probably fifteen years ago. In my memory it seemed to be a mix of sci-fi and fantasy. The setting is another planet where magic is like a tangible essence in the air, like some kind of ether. It is mainly conducted through the use of amulets, as far as I remember correctly. I can remember a scene where the protagonist is visiting a shop that sells these amulets. Although it only seems to be a minor detail, the magical 'ether' also interferes with the use of guns. This makes gun usage highly dangerous and only possible for adept magic users. One of thes 'adepts' is encountered by the protagonist. The protagonist rides some kind of a genetically modified horse that also resembles a camel. The terrestrial horse race has become a rarity. His 'horse' dies somewhere along the plot. I believe the protagonist was sent on a mission by his 'bisshop' to destroy the source of magic on this planet, becaus it was being used by some evil sorceress. This would also mean the end of his own healing powers. On this planet there also lives a native species. The race resembles a mixture of apes and cats and is quite primitive. They are enslaved by the evil sorceress but the protagnist is able to enlist their help to kill the sorceress. The 'adept' magic user is also one of the main antagonists and plays the ambiguous role of friend-enemy of the protagonist. Ah yes, the protagonist also was some kind of a war-veteran healer (hence the healing powers)

That's about all the information I can give, for it has been a long while since I read the story. Thank you very much for every hint you can give.