I think I remember the magic system, factions, and setting, but not names


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Jul 28, 2020
Hello and thanks in advance if anyone can help me, I hope my memory is accurate. This is a fantasy book that I believe I read about 15-20 years ago. Probably young-adult or teen. Unfortunately I can't remember the author, title, or character names.

What I remember:
1. There were different factions at war with each other, and they referred to themselves as Colors. I believe there was a Green, Purple, and Orange faction at least. At one point two factions (Green and Purple?) lost a battle, but the Purple leader was killed and the Green commander was able to take over their combined forces. He presented this as a victory in his report back home, since their total army was now larger.
2. The magic system moved slowly? I believe during the battle the different armies' magic users were basically pushing colors or clouds against each other, rather than throwing fireballs or something. I think at one point some magic was used to provide cover for archers or something, which caused one side to gain an advantage in the cloud pushing battle.
3. This is where my memory is fuzzy, but I THINK the setting was one of underground tunnels? I think there were several plot threads going on, and one of them involved a small group of people travelling through a lot of tunnels underground. I don't remember if this was related to the war or not. But fantasy novels that take place underground might be it.

Sorry I don't have more to go on, is any of this ringing any bells?
Wonder if this could be David Gemmell’s Knights of Dark Renown which has a color coded magic system that is somewhat similar.
I answered another query here about color magic some time ago (Brent Weeks' "Lightbringer" series):

Looking for a Sci-Fi book title:

I don't think it's the book this querent is looking for, but linking them for future searchers.

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