Getting worse one day at a time
Mar 22, 2012
Mercia, UK
Has anyone used or taken a look at Plottr. It's been recommended by another author has found it useful as a visual guide to support his writing (normally a pantser).

I'm coming to grips with it. Had it for years haven't use it. Just started now.
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After a disaster where I lost a story through a writing app crash - it corrupted the file - I've gone back to a Word/Excel combo. I tend to switch between Windows and Android using OneDrive.

I'd like to give Scrivener a bash but they've been promising an Android version for years and nothings turned up.
Hi @Luiglin and @Rufus Coppertop. I am just about to start a trial version of Plottr. Did you guys have much success with it. Does anyone else out there use it?
I still haven't done much with it. I've been writing a dieselpunk-ish series backwards and I've been busy editing volume 1. I have been playing with Plottr, putting in a new beginning and some scene tweakage for Volume 2 and while the first few times I opened it, I thought it was unwieldly and overcomplicated, I worked out how or found out a few of the basic things and yeah.......I like it. I'll be using to map all of volume 2.

In short - I think it's well worth having.