Doom Patrol TV series?

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
I noticed Amazon Prime advertising a Doom Patrol series on the Starzplay channel, now on season 2, and that piqued my interest:

I'd be especially interested if it covers anything from Grant Morrison's run on the comic. :)

Has anyone been watching Doom Patrol? If so, thoughts on it?


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Feb 15, 2020
Never read the graphic novel but enjoyed season 1. Season 2, not so much.

I think that the 2 lead actresses are very good, especially Diane G.


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Aug 21, 2007
Season One of Doom Patrol took audiences on a crazy thrill ride of madcap episodes, authentic trauma and a street named Danny. So what does Season Two have in store? We spoke to actors April Bowlby and Joivan Wade about giant buttons and sex ghosts… yeah, we think Season Two is going to be an absolute riot…

Back in 2018, Netflix released its highly anticipated Titans series. With young Robin himself dropping the f-bomb in the trailer, this looked to have a darker, adult twist. But within the series there was an episode named, funnily enough, ‘Doom Patrol’ which introduced the Titans and the world to Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) while he was holed up in a mysterious manner, being taken care of by a certain Dr Niles Caulder (aka the Chief).

This manor was home to the Doom Patrol – a dysfunctional group of ‘loser’ superheroes whose powers were uncontrollable. Fast forward to 2019 and our super-losers had a series of their own developed by Jeremy Carver and shown on the streaming service STARZPLAY in the UK, which made Robin’s f-bomb look like a cute curse word compared to the sea of profanity and R-rated goings-on that was about to come our way.

In Doom Patrol, we have Rita Farr or Elasti-Girl (played by April Bowlby) – a beautiful actress who, after an unfortunate dip in a contaminated river, found that she couldn’t hold her pretty looks for long. As soon as her emotions flare up, so does her control over her features, which melt to eventually reveal a disgusting blog.

We also have fighter pilot Larry Trainor or Negative Man (played by Matt Bomer when he’s human and Matthew Zuk wrapped in bandages when he’s not) whose skin became burned and radioactive after another unfortunate accident (this time involving radiation while flying on a mission). Not only that, but there is a mysterious being who lives inside him that flies out once he was unconscious…

There is also Cliff Steele or Robotman (played by Brendan Fraser in human form and Riley Shanahan in robot form) – a Nineties car racing legend who also had a liking for his nanny. When he’s involved in an horrific car crash, his brain gets transplanted into that of a giant metal robot. Also along for the ride is Jane (played by Diane Guerrero) whose 64 separate personalities all have weird and wonderful (generally scary) powers of their own.