Orison – Praying, Remembering. Chapter 7: Remembering the Lady of Wisdom, the Lady of Truth


Feb 12, 2007

Hear my prayer, Lady, and remember me. Your aspects of Wisdom and Truth guided me both in the Novitiate House and in my travels with your priestesses …

“So while Wisdom and Truth are comprehensively interlinked,” the priestess of Truth continues, “they remain discrete entities.”

As, for example, now, thinks Girl. For the truth is she’s bored – she’s heard this lesson many times – but wisdom keeps that truth hidden. She suspects the merchant and his family are also finding the lecture tedious, though they’re valiantly pretending otherwise, mindful of the honour accorded their house by the presence of two of the Lady’s priestesses. Only the simple-minded daughter, staring open-mouthed, appears truly interested, though doubtless understanding little. As for the boys, they’re a mass of twitches and fidgets, and one is surely about to yawn.

The priestess has noticed. “But I’ve talked for too long. Perhaps, Master Tshering, you might now tell us more of the white-hued golden takin we hope to see.”

“First,” says the priestess of Wisdom, “we should release the children. I’m sure they’d rather be elsewhere.”

The boys leap up and are out of the door as soon as their father nods. The girl, Pema, trails after them.

“You may go, too, Kalpana,” says the priestess.

I'm hoping that Flash Gordon remark is a compliment! :p (I was torn between laughing and loving your post, and laughter won out, but here's a :love: for the definite compliments in the first and third sentences!)

And the photo is once again perfect! I confess I'd never heard of takins, much less golden takins, before I started researching for Girl's story, and what odd-looking creatures they are.
The Flash Gordon reference is definitely a compliment. The 1930s Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers serials had some of the best hooks ever to get people to come to the cinema the following week.

I hasten to add that I watched them as a child in the late 70s, early 80s, on TV. I always liked that Wilma Deering was portrayed as a love interest, but also as a brave and resourceful military officer, showing 1939 Hollywood was more daring than late 40s and early 50s - a different conversation, probably not one for the Chrons, of course. ;)
Wonderful, TJ! I re-read the previous six instalments, to keep the story fresh in mind for the serial's second half, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with Girl. This really rewards a re-reading.

I think this may be my favorite instalment. Very good tension with the unexpected return of an early character to the storyline; Girl is maturing into a well-rounded and interesting person. And I enjoyed the added moments of humor, and especially the scenario that prompted this question and answer (I LOLd):

“Would you like to try them on?” Pema asks.
Truth overrides wisdom: “Yes.”

A very truthful moment there, from a young woman admiring another's fine clothing.

The whole storyline worked for me, and I loved the resolution of the crisis. The takin is a beautiful creature! Well done, and looking forward to Chapter 8, CC
Thank you, CC! I wish I could give your post a double :love:!!

I'm really chuffed that you think this is your favourite instalment, as I was worried Girl's teenage-y mood swings might be a bit off-putting. And I was determined to fit a takin in a story somewhere, so I'm glad you like how it helped resolve the problem in this chapter!
You're welcome, TJ. I look forward to seeing more of who Girl is becoming, in the next instalment. It's very nice having a new chapter to look forward to each month.

And I appreciated learning of the takin, as it is a creature I'd never read of before. :)