Dogs manipulating people


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Oct 30, 2006
So true. The ending said it all: "Your dog may love you, but it’s also probably manipulating you. Let’s be real, though: You knew it in your heart all along." Yep, we are the willing victims.:) My two dogs, both passed away a few years ago at old age. Come to think of it, their entire life and world is having me in the centre to love and manipulate, to which I am grateful.

Now I have Sisi the 2 year old cat. I found felines are equally manipulative, but in a more mysterious way. Maybe not so much with their facial expressions - a cat's face can be harder to read than a dog's. Dogs' eyes seem more human, they observe and react to our facial expression, voicing, gesture, movement, and know our mood instinctually almost like they can sniff it out. Sisi is a very intelligent and affectionate cat, she gets what she wants most of the time without putting up a face, and I know I am being manipulated but I don't know how. It seems she is manipulating me just by being there.:) Someone need to do some serious study on this, I'd love to get some scientific answers.

Jun 2, 2006
in your face
I read this a few days ago. Very interesting, dogs are so much more than people think.


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Jan 12, 2020
I think it's very much dependent on what both parties are looking for.

I mean that if you are using the dog for something... Taking a creature out of nature and training it to obey commands and provide affection isn't exactly the opposite of manipulative.

On a darker note, we all manipulate and are manipulated all the time. It's called society :)