RIP Jack Charlton

Heartbroken to hear of the passing of England and Ireland legend Jack Charlton, at the age of 85. A man who is revered on both sides of the water, possibly the only one Irish people will admit to liking as an Englishman, Jack took us through two World Cups and helped us show the world we were more than just spectators at the game of football. Farewell, Jack: you'll always be an honorary Irishman. You put 'em under pressure and gave it a lash!

Slan go foill.
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The only Englishman Irish people have ever cried about, to my knowledge. He was an inspiration to us all, took us into two World Cups and gave us the confidence not to be just another also-ran footballing nation. All of Ireland - and Britain - is in mourning tonight. A terrible loss, but a stunning legacy left behind. You taught us to give it a lash Jack, and by God we did thanks to you. You will be forever missed, and remembered in Irish hearts.
Ole ole ole ole!
Um, as above.
I can say that I wanted to do something to mark the great man's passing, so I put this on my door. You may notice that I managed to get the flag halfway down the pole it was on, so it's basically at half-mast.

He was a true gentleman. Not long after Leeds United won the FA cup, he and his brother opened a clothes shop in the village (small town) I lived in then, Garforth. Both of them were lovely men, very kind to a small girl. My best friend's dad was on the board (management board? I know nothing about football!) for Leeds united, and I used to meet members of the FA cup squad at his house very often. The photo shows the shop opening, but Jackie couldn't make it so his brother came instead!

Somewhere, I used to have a large photo of that FA cup team, signed by all the players. It disappeared during a house move, and I often wonder what happened to it.


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