Short story collection. Only remember part of two stories. One dealing with a war in europe and one dealing with pollution in the world


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Jul 3, 2020
It was a short story anthology. Read the book in 2005-2007 when it was thrown out to be recycled. Cant remember how old the book was but was a paperback. Can only remember two of the stories. Book cover might have been blue.

One story deals with the after math of a war with a sergeant recalling his time with a lieutenant with no name. Goes into details about how machines would brake down and with europe pretty much destroyed by the war they cant ger replacements. No planes fly. So what artillery they have is towed by horse. I think eventually the lieutenant turns on his command when he launches an attack to take london for himself. The sergeant just refers to him as his lieutenant.

Second story is about earth being so polluted that the air is barely breathable. Theres 2 smog clouds in the sky that makes the air toxic so you have to have some sort of oxygen gear. The story focuses on a man, not sure if he was a detective or a reporter. Hes following the story/case about an illegal car using gasoline since all vehicles have to be electric or some form of non combustable engine. He is sent on a wild goose chase to a garage where there are a lot of old model cars but finds out they have been modifed to electric. Eventually he goes back to the source that sent him there to realize it was the man that gave him the information. Guns are drawn and he kills him when he just wanted to make him surrender. At the end the Smog clouds combine making all air umbreathable so he takes the gas powered car and his girl for one last ride on the open road before the end.
Spent a good amount of time trying to find this book. Looked up alot of Isaac Asimov but I could have missed it in there. Any help would be a appreciated.