The Tale of the Eternal Champion - White Wolf/Borealis.


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May 22, 2020
When White Wolf began publishing these books back in the late 90's I started to purchase them as they were made available... but a few life events and financial difficulties prevented me from continuing to do so.

Today White Wolf Publishing and Borealis are long gone. Paradox, who owns the rights to the White Wolf properties has told me that they did not purchase the rights to these books along with other White Wolf assets.

I'm trying to figure out if the following books were ever published in Soft Cover format:

Legends at the End of Time
Earl Aubec
Count Brass

I have managed to find Soft Cover copies of the first 13 in this edition and while I'm still balking at the asking price for Elric: Stealer of Souls I'll likely cave and buy a good used copy shortly.

...if I have to I will buy the last three in Hardback but if Soft Cover versions exist I'd keep looking for them...

Thanks in advance for your reply.
I one had Elric Tales From the White Wolf in soft cover. one the reason I about was one tale in particular A Gothic Touch by the late Karl Edward Wagner . in this story Elric of Melnibone encountered The Immortal Kane the Mystic Swordsman. Finding this story was bittersweet because it was last tale ever wrote with Kane. I would like to have seen Kane encounter some of the other aspects of the Champion, Especially Erekose.
I have Legends, and Count Brass paperbacks in Mayflower editions from the 1970s.

easy to find on ebay etc.

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