Book about girl with magic oracle powers (read between 2009-2015)


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May 12, 2020
when I was in middle school/high-school I read a young adult fantasy novel. All I can remember is that the main character was a teenage girl that compulsively wrote in notebooks. She thought it was just her imagination and that she had to write it down. But for some reason she literally was over come with the need to write the story on paper. Some of them she didn't even start from the beginning of the person's life. All of them were just about ordinary people doing ordinary things. Come to discover she is like an oracle and all these notebooks of peoples lives she's written out (and still writing) are about really people, dead alive and not yet born. Another important detail was these other people were searching for her because of this power, and I remember that at the end of the book a friend of hers (?maybe) had put a like magical barrier spell around the town to trap the bad guys looking for her out, but all accidentally locking the main girl in the town to where she wasn't able to leave. That's all I remember. It was a physical copy of a book, I think I got it from the public library, was definitely the first to a series but I don't know how many other books there's could be.
Although that particular plot doesn't ring a bell, it does sound like the stories of Mercedes Lackey. She's written a number of books involving psychic powers, a number of stories telling the origins of fairy Godmothers, a number of stories re-telling traditional fairy tales, and a number of stories about the country of Valdemar. See a list at Books by series
I looked them up and although the work looks interesting and I might read some, I don't believe it was them. This story took place in a more modern day world. I remembered another bit of information that might help though. In the story she lived in a like studio apartment, I think like one of those apartment above the garage types, and with these people trying to catch her someone set it on fire, along with all those notebooks she had in it.
I think US, but not 100% sure. Again its been years. But it was a more teen directed publisher. Like maybe Penguin