Question regarding “The One-Page Novel Plot Outline” by Derek Murphy@Creativindie

Kinda wish I hadn't mentioned screenplay writers as I think people are concentrating a lot more on the differences than the undeniable fact that there are writers who do go heavy into plot and learning, and who do find their way experimenting on other's structures, and do just fine. Maybe better than most.

The point is formulaic authors succeed. I don't see where the problem is if someone decides that's where their route to being the writer they want to be goes - it's not like it's an impossible path. Just a different one. And this would be a very poor writing community indeed if we were to simply gang up on new writers and discourage them from what they want to do simply because it's not the consensus favoured way.

Final word on that part.

Secondly, I think that the rough shape of the outline above can provide entertaining and satisfying stories. A greatly simplified version of this outline is quite useful. But the detail that this outline goes into is unnecessarily prescriptive. What happens if I decide to leave out steps 2 and 3 in a novel (not a big-budget comic book film)? Not much, I suspect.

Are you saying following it beat by beat can't provide entertaining and satisfying stories?

More to the point - what happens if you omit 2 and 3 should surely have an answer better than a guess before being done? Sure, writing is experimenting and learning, but an educated guess is better than none, right?

And in this case my guess is it would create problems. It's an action heavy plot based around a supernatural conceit, and steps 2 and 3 carry a lot of the load in establishing the characters and conceit. Without those steps you're very briefly setting up a normal day, then going bang into the action - it's like starting twice, but without spending long enough in one start to get any benefit.

And then having to establish everything with action scenes all the time.

I'm not saying follow it step by step but I figure if the plan is to use it and doctor it up as one says fit, then knowing why the steps are there is important.

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