Magicians season 5 and series finale (spoilers)


a better poet than swordsman
May 17, 2019
Anyone else watched it? Any thoughts? It felt as if they had originally planned the episode as only a season finale, but the way they ended it (with a tacked-on 7 minute or so conclusion), ultimately was pretty successful. It sucks that Syfy cancelled them when there was more story to tell, and it further sucks that they didn't even give them a double-length final episode to wrap it up -- but the show creators did the best they could with what they were allowed.

In any case, season 5 was much more satisfying than season 4, which had huge problems of pacing, exposition, and character development (not to mention the most obvious mistake). But given that they did make that mistake, it probably behooved Syfy to give the show at least one more season, for the surviving characters to come into their own.
Minor spoiler alert

Prior to discovering this series (after it was canceled), I wasn't a binge watcher, but The Magicians turned me into a modest one. I think your assessment that the creators did the best they could with what they were allowed is fair, tegeus, and further applaud their inventiveness and the way they mixed pop culture references into the plots. Oddly compelling, in particular the interplay between Elliot and Margo, at least before he was possessed. I too wanted to see the surviving characters bloom, but not to be. All of the seasons are worth the watch, IMHO.

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