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Nov 1, 2004
From my Facebook page:

So the Kindle editions of Goblin Moon, Hobgoblin Night, and Child of Saturn are all on sale for 99¢ each, probably while shelter-in-place lasts, and of course you know that because I've said it before. John said, "Tell them what the books are about." I replied, "I have bored them with that information enough times already. "TELL them what the books are ABOUT," he said. Thus, I shall tell you what they are about.

GOBLIN MOON—swashbuckling mannerpunkish fantasy. When the Goblin Moon rises: Coffins float down the river, alchemists turn mandrakes into men, the gentlemen scoundrels known as the Knights of Mezztopholeez practice bloody rituals as vicious as they are depraved ... and one man, one dashing and mysterious man, fights a secret battle against villainy and blackest sorcery with wit, ingenuity, and a lethal lack of compunction.

But how can such a man, with dozens of secret identities, and an addiction to sleep dust into the bargain, go about wooing the most sensible young lady in Thornburg?

HOBGOBLIN NIGHT—sequel to the above. Bizarre things are happening in the little town of Hobb's Church, where Sera, Elsie, and Jedidiah are hiding from the vengeance of the Duchess. While Jed and the gnome lensmaker, Mr. Jonas, construct a magical engine to raise a sunken island and an ancient temple, the young ladies deal with ghosts, hobgoblins, and a school of mischievous girls.

Meanwhile, the Duchess herself consults with Skullgrimm, King of the Trolls, to put into effect an even more fiendish scheme than before. And, oh yes, our hero is busy about his usual daring antics.

Included are three short stories: "Rogue's Moon," "The Ghost in the Chimney," and "Titania (or) The Celestial Bed"

CHILD OF SATURN—Celtic mythology and medieval alchemy combine in this high fantasy tale. My debut novel available again after thirty years, and now in ebook for the first time!

The wizard Glastyn, defender of the realm, tamer of the Wild Magic, had disappeared, leaving behind a disillusioned king and an order of knights grown complacent and indolent. The Princess Diaspad, royal step-sister, worker of wicked magics, thought this would be a good time to move into the castle and make a play for power.

Who could stop her?

Teleri was Glastyn’s apprentice, and had only completed part of her training when he left. At the age of twelve she had made up her mind against growing any older and used what magic she had to make it so. Half-trained wizards who happened to be female always ran the risk of accusations of witchcraft, which was illegal and punishable by death. So she cultivated a type of invisibility, the kind that largely depended on being small and harmless-looking—most of all on not drawing attention to herself.

Ceilyn was the most valiant young knight in the castle, widely known as a moral example to all—and deeply resented on both counts. But Ceilyn had a secret, one that could prove deadly. It also, surprisingly, drew him to Teleri, as the only person he dared trust with the truth. And once they became friends, it seemed it was somehow up to them to stop whatever the Princess was up to.

But had they the ability to thwart her, or were they putting themselves into inescapable danger: Teleri by being noticed, and Ceilyn by accidentally revealing his own secrets?

This is the first book in a trilogy, but the sequels will be coming soon. And by soon, I mean this spring.
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