DISCUSSION THREAD -- April 2020 -- 85-Word Writing Challenge

I want to get an entry in, but I am just as blank for this as I am for the 300. My goal is to enter every challenge, so come what may, I will have some words on the page by the deadline. When I see that some members have been doing this for years, I'm sure that many had months when writing was more of a 'challenge' than others. Whether it was determination, last minute muses, stubbornness, or competitiveness that kept you going, you are all inspirations for me.
As we hit this very special anniversary, I thought I would try and write something a little different, perhaps more obscure and leaves me doubting that no-one will understand the story.

This should be fun for those writing the comments. :D

I was amazed to see that I was mentioned in the longest running partakers, and have been feel lucky to have entered every challenge since I started. (Even though I entered for one but was disqualified, the less said about that the better)

Thanks to everyone involved in the challenges, it has been a consistent source of fun, entertainment and introduction to a myriad and wonderful group of people.

And onward to the next 10 years of challenges...
@Perpetual Man .... Lost in Infinity .... Perp brings us deeply into the philosophical as he becomes an omnipresent observer who does not and cannot effect the timeline of perceived reality.
*Parson feels like he was reading material from Philosophy 404.

@johnnyjet .... Funhouse .... Johnny lets us travel to a new world which is a horror movie's version of weird harmless fun.
*I almost wrote Hollywood's version because it seems that any "respected" movie prefers the horrific.
@Boneman .... And then I woke up. .... B. Man reminds us that nothing is so frustrating as a sweet dream with no reality.
@elvet .... A Magical Story .... Elvet shows us that a story transports us to new worlds.
Just read my entry & noticed I put my spare 85th word in the wrong place. About 2 minutes too late to edit.

I'd rather it was 86 words and removed :(
Sympathies, @Peter V. I spotted 3 or 4 typos in my 300 worder, about 30 minutes too late to do anything about it!
Sympathies, @Peter V. I spotted 3 or 4 typos in my 300 worder, about 30 minutes too late to do anything about it!

First time I read it I did not notice anything BT. Now you have flagged it up I have spotted one. I think the brain fills in obvious missing words so you don't see it until you look specifically.
@TheEndIsNigh .... The Visitor .... TEIN has a story of First Contact; or does he?

@sule .... The Comforts of Home .... Sule crosses dementia with alienness and writes a story that sounds all too familiar to some of us.
@mosaix .... Drop Zone .... Mosaix puts together a story which reminds us of the difficulty of winning in an alien (or is that opponents?) land.

@Vince W .... The East Side of Seventh .... Vince spins us a yarn whereby we come to understand that while species may change, tourists don't.
@paranoid marvin .... Decaying Worlds .... Marv writes us about the inevitabile downside of living in a world where you get everything you want.

*But wouldn't everyone be too drunk to eat?