Teenage girl leaves home town


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Mar 24, 2020
I can't remember much about this book, sorry...but what I can remember is:

The title is one word and is the main female character's name.
It's the debut novel by a fantasy writer that later wrote something much more successful. I remember reading her introduction to the book, and her saying she could have rewritten it with experience but she was leaving as it was, warts and all (or something like that).
I read it in the late nineties I think, so presumably it's from the eighties or early nineties.

The titular character goes on a journey with a man. They meet another man. Both men are called something like Snow, Sleet, Steel, something like that, and both have white hair. She has relationships with both of them and at some point she finds out that they are sleeping together behind her back as well.

Those are the only specifics I remember...when I think about it I get a post apocalyptic vibe, but can't say why.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated, it's been driving me mad and self isolation doesn't help! Thanks guys :)