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Aug 22, 2007
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As there's quite a few trapped at home I figured it would be good to highlight some of the big bundles and sales and freebies currently on offer around the world.

Free stuff:
Volume 5 of Judge Dredd. 400 pages of the mighty Dredd legally up for grabs: Free to download: 400 pages of epic Judge Dredd!

Various comics Free Comics - Comics by comiXology: Web UK
Comixologies free listing of comics has been updated with a load more comics. Mostly focusing on the start of series this is a great way to check out some prospective new series to get stuck into.

A collection of free comics made free recently from various different authors and companies

Sunstone entire series - Stkepan Sejic has put his series up for free through dropbox.
News Stjepan Šejić Releases the Full Set of Sunstone Volumes for Free Amid Coronavirus Crisis
Dropbox link sunstone volumes 1-6

Massive humble bundle which includes practically the entire run of Witchblade comics including many of the crossovers with Darkness series. There's also a few full stand along series like Necromancer thrown in there too.
For those new to the series there's a suggested reading order in four parts (each linked) here Top Cow Universe Chronology/Reading Order, Part 1

Fairy Tale and Eden's Zero Humble Manga Bundle: Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail & More by Kodansha
Another bundle, this time focusing on some manga series.

East of West complete series. East of West - The Complete Series Bundle! - Comics by comiXology: Web UK
A tiny sum of money to get hold of the entire 45 issue series of comics relating to the end of the world in a futuristic USA where the four horseman ride the lands; where science and magic clash. This is a favourite series of mine and its well worth picking up!

Comixologies sale page with ever shifting sales

I'm sure there's more out there. If you're aware of any do please post a link
Massive bundle of Jonathan Hickman comics - most are complete series. This includes the recently finished "East of West" (utterly outstanding comic series), The Manhattan Projects, Redwing, and more! Outstanding value for what you pay.

Ha, when I saw the title of the thread I was going to link the Humble one because I was just looking at it earlier :)

I'm hesitant about picking up incomplete series though.
Ha, when I saw the title of the thread I was going to link the Humble one because I was just looking at it earlier :)

I'm hesitant about picking up incomplete series though.

I know what you mean, esp when the series are something massive where even incomplete you could be missing hundreds of comics - though from what I've seen often "the other half" turns up later at some stage.

That said with this bundle, far as I'm aware, the majority are complete series runs, where they are incomplete its where the comic itself is on pause/cancelled. That said the main big name I'd say is getting the full East of West collection in there - its the entire series from start to finish!
UPDATE - Humanoids now has a bundle at Groupees.

Humanoids publishes some really great comics and there's several top series here including the Incal series which is an earlier sci-fi comic series that I've had my eye on for a good while. There's also the Metabarons first selection of comics - these are utterly beautifully drawn sci-fi comics and ever so much worth a read. This is a fantastic bundle and well worth getting hold of!

Top Cow Universe Bundle

This is a bit of a mish-mash of various comics from the Top Cow universe with series such as Witchblad, The Darkness and others. It's possibly not worth it if you've been involved with previous bundles from Top Cow (including the recent massive Witchbalde one). But if you've not yet dipped your toe into this universe of theirs then its a fine and great way to get started!
The Humanoids Bundle from Groupees has now expanded with two more free addition targets! Already additionally unlocked is Vol 1-5 or Moon Face and at $12K (which is fast being approached) there's vols 1-6 of the newest Metabarons story arc.

I should also note that there's a physical reward too - Limited Deluxe Slipcase Edition of the classic science fiction series Metabarons. Numbered, limited print run of 1500. This has no target value and is won by whoever pledges the most to the bundle (this typically happens in the last few hours as everyone tries to "ebay" game it). Currently the value is at $100, though these retail from the humanoids website at around $145 so I'd expect that value to climb at least that high plus a bit for bidding-wars if that happens.
Link to Humanoids website in case you want to skip waiting The Metabarons : The Definitive Edition - Box Set
And yet more in the Humanoids bundle as it has just hit the $12K and unlocked all the newest Metabaron comics currently pubilshed. They've added a $15K target now to unlock Volumes 1 through to 8 of Technopriests - set in the same world as the Metabarons.

Another Humanoids bundle featuring some metabaron stuff, but also a geeater host of other stories and publications. Including several new to digital releases. This time the bundle is at Humble Bundle