Anybody here writing for children?

My current story is turning into young adult- possibly as I read quite a bit of young adult. I love Harry Potter and Charlie Holmberg's stuff, and am rereading Tiffany aching at the mo.
It's always fantasy of some flavour I try to write. The main stuff I worked on for that age range was a series of pirate books with my dad. There's not enough pirate fiction around. I can't see I've seen too much scientifically accurate talking frog fiction either...
Back in the 1970s our reading books were pirate stories, The Griffin Pirate stories, that started with books about Roderick the Red, Gregory the Green, and Benjamin the Blue. You know the sort of thing
This is Roderick the Red
Roderick is a Pirate
Roderick wears a red coat
Etc etc.
Moving up to a series of stories involving a Griffin. I’ve seen the original books from the 70s going for 30 quid, but more recent ones for 3.99.

Oh Pirates! I love pirates.
I am very fortunate to live quite close to the Brandywine Museum that houses the works of NC Wyeth. Rooms full of pirates! I've spent many hours there letting him take me on great adventures.
A major 20th century illustrator, he is perhaps best know for Treasure Island.

If you are interested in illustration, this is the link to all his work.