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Mar 4, 2020
  • Novel
  • I bought it second hand however I think from the style of the cover and the age of the book it must have been written in the 1980s or 1990s
  • A world (not Earth) inhabited by humans with a fusion of modern technology and historical technology with a separation between men and women. It was a part of a series
  • The central character whos father was a trader of exotic plants ends up discovering on one of the old computers that the central computer has both been stopping society from advancing past a particular point but now needs to be fixed with the only place being Earth.
  • Another planet
  • English
  • Picture of a market scene I think with oriental characteristics
  • General audience
  • I think it was a lesser-known writer but I may be wrong
There are a set of books written by Pamela Sargent
Where women live in fixed communities and the men wander like nomads from city to city.
The way things work is that the men hook up with women and have children by them and then continue to wander and spread their seed. If the woman has male children-at a certain age the the boys have to leave to join the nomads.
I'm not sure that everything else fits, especially the cover description; however many times overseas cover versions differ from US versions.
This one is The Shore of Women and takes place on Earth after nuclear destruction.
Some similar concepts in a series on terraformed Venus.

Then there is Orson Scott Card

It has been a while since I have read any of these.
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Quote from The Memory of Earth by Orson Scott Card:-
" he had just got his caravan safely back from purchasing exotic plants in the jungle city of Tish-chetno"
The master computer was named the Oversoul, it's main function was to keep technology at a low level so humanity didn't develop on the planet Harmony
Now you've found it, I hope you'll stick around and let us know how you enjoy it on a re-read!

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