March Reading Thread

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Finished Fury from the Tomb by S. A. Sidor. Good fun. Mix some Indiana Jones into a 1930's Universal mummy horror movie, bake until 1/3 done and add inject some 1960's The Wild, Wild West to taste. Sidor is a good commercial writer, concise and descriptive, setting the scene well, carrying the action along efficiently, and good at delineating character without losing the pace of an adventure novel.

There is some gore as well as moments that are nicely otherworldly. It's not every writer who can mix mummies, Chinese vampires, gunslingers, guitar playing ghouls and Satanic monks and make it readable much less entertaining.

Great reading to escape a surreal historical moment.

For today, dipping into a Fritz Leiber collection, Day Dark, Night Bright. Tomorrow I'm likely to start Tananarive Due's The Good House.

Randy M.
(thanks again for the recommendation, Baylor)
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