Three cartoons in kids' science book or mag, mid '70s? About books and computers.


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May 17, 2019
Now and then I think of this series of three cartoons, and I'd like to find them again. The gist was something like the information revolution, and predicting what we'll be able to do with computers. The idea being that old time scientists had only a few tomes, contemporary scientists (of the 1970s) are drowning in books, but the scientists of the future will have all their information stored inside a computer. So the first cartoon (in black and white, I think) showed someone looking like an alchemist consulting some old tomes by candlelight; the second, a harried stereotypical scientist (lab coat, askew glasses maybe?) under a deluge of books; and the third, a scientist in an impossibly neat office, looking at a computer terminal.

Of course, back then my mind boggled at the idea, and also scoffed at it: yeah, like that was ever likely to pass!

Two caveats: it *may* have been a magazine for grown-ups that I was flipping through. And, b) though most likely in English, it may just possibly have been in French. My mother, who spoke French, taught me early, and occasionally bought me books in French. In any case, if this was (as I suspect) in a children's popularizing science book, I think the cartoons were reprinted from somewhere else anyway. (I have a vague memory that they looked different from the rest of the illustrations.)

Anyone else remember these?

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