(Found) Need help finding a title.


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Feb 14, 2020
Hi all,
I am looking for a book where a hero had to fight organic (live) srarships.
I thought it was a part of Jack Campbell's series about Black Jack Geary.
In this book he had to fight live srarships that were organic and where controlled by a massive ovelord sort of mind.
The hero of the book discovers and is aided by a human who later appears to be a clone of a cosmonaut long lost, and created by alien race to fight the Organic starships.
In the end the hero discovers that same alien race had created the Organic ships but they got out of control.
Thank you for confirming you'd found it and what it is -- that's so helpful for us if anyone else ever wants that book.

No need to worry about closing the thread, it'll remain open, but I'll add a "Found" to the title.

Anyhow, do stick around, and if you re-read the Black Fleet books, tell us what you think!