February / March 100 Word Anonymous Challenge Discussion Thread

Room 143 Let our last view be a good one.
Starry Night – - Bright Comets Adrift A view into an artist’s mind.

20 stories!
if you want to let people know who you voted for
I nearly just put my shortlist and where my vote, and then it occurred to me. If I do that, then people will know which stories weren't mine, which would give an advantage when it comes to the exciting 'guess the author' stage. :eek:

Unless I sneakily put my own story in the shortlist :unsure:
This was hard! I voted for Room 143 - but The Watcher and The Tower in the Woods were my close seconds! The power of an unexpected ending!
It’s always hard Celine. And the unexpected ending is one of those techniques that has to be employed when we are denied so many others by the limited number of words.

Welcome to the Chrons and welcome to the Challenges.

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