February / March 100 Word Anonymous Challenge Discussion Thread

Longing Demonstrates the devastation of unfulfilled need
The Watcher lives a lifetime of surveillance
Perchance To Dream. A beautiful view cannot console the homesick traveller.
Domesticated The overlords get a purrfect view
Lifepod An out of this world view.
I am really enjoying the stories so far. A great start, with about a month to go.
Lull A break from the view gives respite.
The Tower in the Woods Revenge best served cold.
A Room With Several Unpleasant Views asks who’s the viewer.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? If someone is watching, does that mean there’s a viewing room?
A Matter of Perspective A view unwanted isn’t an asset.

Two weeks left. Great range of topic interpretations so far!
Lull: Thank God It's Friday, if only for a moment.

The Tower in the Woods: Patience is a virtue, for the vengeful.

A Room With Several Unpleasant Views: Di ex machinis.

Quis custoduet ipsos custodes?: Some collectors are never satisfied until they obtain one more.

A Matter of Perspective: Not all amenities are appreciated by guests.

Home Improvement: There are none so blind as those who can see too much.
Haven't entered an anon for a while but may do this time if I can get my head around it. Still mulling over a 75 too.
Views of the Underterra when windows are a thing of the past.

18 entries! A great showing, the best numbers for a few years. (y)
And 9 days to go..............

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