Disney moves The Orville from one pocket to another


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May 27, 2013
The Orville will still see a third season, but not on Fox.
Disney plans to run the new season on Hulu, which means I may have to invest in yet another streaming service. The premiere date had not yet been released as of early this month, according to this story from the Den of Geek.

If it's owned by Disney, why aren't they putting it on Disney+?

They've been going out of their way to bully companies out of contracts made before the launch of that service to get things on there (the original Star Wars for the release etc).
If it's owned by Disney, why aren't they putting it on Disney+?

Because they own Hulu and can generate more revenue making people buy into two streaming services. The House of Mouse needs a serious review by the anti-trust people, if our Wall Street lackeys elected officials still bother with that.
Hah, didn't know they'd bought out Hulu as well.

I think the production companies shouldn't have the right to run streaming services at all. They should also ban exclusivity contracts. Like regular retail, you shouldn't be able to choose who is allowed to buy your product. An IP holder should offer up the streaming rights for a price, and any company that wants to air it should be able to buy. Sure you'd end up with even more services but they'd mostly be tailored to types of shows or movies rather than who was willing to pay the most or is owned by whoever, and the niche ones would end up being cheap :)

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