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Jun 19, 2018
When @Brian G Turner earlier today directed a user to the Writing Resources area, I thought I'd pop over myself and do a bit of poking around... again. There is some good stuff and some less so (to my needs), but what is clear is that the section needs a LOT of organizing. If it is possible, adding new sub-sections for people to post in... while every now and then if a previous thread is 'reported,' moving it to the appropriate section, might do wonders to make it more useful with ease.

Sub-sections such as: world-building, space travel, languages, editing/checking software, geology, cartography, climate/weather, space, weapons, etc..

A gazillion subjects I suppose, so limit it as needed (E.g.: geology, cartography, climate/weather all falling under Earth Sciences or whatever the REAL term might be, hehe).

Just a thought...


Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
I think this has been suggested before, but it's always been the forum policy to try and create boards only where a clear need arises - ie, because there are a lot of active discussions about a topic.

The Writing Sources section is already pretty quiet - I count 12 discussions through the whole of last year - and although there are 20 pages of discussions (with 20 discussions per page) it's still reasonably small enough for people to manually search for information, either by using the search bar or by directly clicking through the different pages (where they may find other useful resources they weren't expecting).

Personally I'd rather just leave it as is, and avoid creating inactive boards. If someone is serious enough about writing IMO they will look. :)

The Judge

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Nov 10, 2008
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But if someone wanted to create an index -- which could be stickied at the top of the forum and added to/amended as necessary -- I'm sure we'd all be very grateful!

Actually, if no one else volunteers, and I manage to get on top of my current work load, I might have a go at it later in the month. (But if you want the honour and have the time, K2, be my guest!!)