J. Michael Straczynski: Babylon 5 25th anniversary interview

Interesting interview and on how the TV production world has been changed by it.

25 years, yes. We've not rewatched B5 every year, we might have re-watched it every two or three years. Call it 2.5 that would be watched it 10 times... :D
I haven't watched it for a long time. I lent my DVD's to someone at work and my best friend in France has started watching it for the first time. Both are enjoying it, but it gives me a yen for a rewatch. Anyone know where I can stream it?
Our mandate with the PTEN network was that every year, we had to show a profit for the network. And every year, we showed a profit (even though on paper we’re still in the red as far as profit definition is concerned, which is why, to this day, I’ve never made a dime of profit on Babylon 5. We’re still allegedly 30 million dollars in the red).

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