TIE-BREAKER POLL -- December 2019 Writing Challenge -- DANNYMCG WINS!

Tiebreaker Poll -- December 2019 Writing Challenge

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Aug 7, 2007
We have a two-way tie.

You have until 23:59 (GMT) on December the 30th to make your choice.

The two stories still in contention:

‘Twas the night before.. by dannymcg​
He’d fought sleep for hours and finally he lay in his bed gazing across the room.​
“It’s true what they say, you really do exist”
His visitor threw back his hood to show his trademark grin, his booming laugh echoing through the night.​
“And what would you like, little boy?”​
“You know what I want, I’ve asked for months”
Tenderly, Death swished his scythe and harvested the small soul, then strode unseen from the cancer ward.​
What you get for someone who has everything by Clockworkbot
‘Open it,’ purred Lilith with her soft trickster-god smile.​
Gibil was delighted. A whole realm! He wandered its valleys, rowed across its mighty oceans and, as customary for a god, bested every king in the land at wrestling, drinking and eating.​
On the peak of a very familiar mountain, he realized something was wrong.​
‘Lilith!’ he thundered, storming into the Palace of Heaven, ‘this is the same bloody realm I gave you last year!’​