CoNZealand 2020


Luddite Curmudgeon
Jul 26, 2012
Auckland, NZ
I registered for CoNZealand, the WorldCon for 2020, to be held in Wellington, NZ next July/August. Booked my accommodation and flights down from Auckland today. I'll get to vote for the Hugos for this year, and for the 1945 retro's too now, also.

Looking forward to it. Anyone else coming to CoNZealand 2020?
I'm most hoping to meet Robert Silverberg - probably the greatest remaining SF author to arise in the late golden age. He's 84 now, but apparently attending CoNZealand.
As I'm attending, I got to nominate for the Hugo Awards 2020 and Retro Hugos 1945. Anyone else posted any nominations yet?

I found it difficult to nominate many, as I've not read many recent short stories - I'll find it easier to vote the final ballot, as I'll get a pack to read of the top 5 nominees I guess.

I found it much easier to vote for the 1945 Retro Awards. Shorts published in 1944 included Arena, Huddling Place, City, Killdozer, etc. Lots of classics.

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