10.05: The Walking Dead - What It Always Is


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Dec 23, 2011
Good points, everyone!

I think that if Negan had not killed that adoring kid, the kid would have been so disappointed in what Negan had become, he would have killed Negan, given the chance. Pure speculation, I freely admit. But it is obvious that the kid was expecting praise for having killed those two. He clearly adored Negan as he had been, rather, as he thought he had been; never getting the chance to realize he was not as expected, in fact, never was as expected.

The kid was too young to have known Negan as anything but a young boy, who sees only one side of him. He would have been between 9 and 11, 12, at most. The kid just did not understand Negan's original philosophy in the first place, seeing only the tough guy's brutality. Negan's methods were designed to keep his followers alive; granted, he seemed to take pleasure in brutalizing anyone who stepped out of line. Perhaps, he believed that once that is tolerated, discipline is lost, and people die. Better to kill the one who first sins, than to chase the others who followed him to destruction. I do recall Negan said something about people being a resource, before going out of the camp.

Negan had essentially the same goal as Rick, just different methods. Keep his group alive. While Rick used trade with other groups, Negan demanded tribute from them, as apparently, he lacked resources he could use for barter. On my part, I am assuming a good intention on Negan's part, perhaps I am wrong. :unsure:


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Apr 20, 2010
A very good episode! Even though clearly something bad was going to happen with the guy following Negan there was still a shock when you see the results of the murder of the mother and son.