Red Dwarf: The Promised Land (2020 Special)

First images.
First Look

I can’t wait. Dave has actually done a really good job brining this series back.
I loved it! After the disappointment I felt with Picard it was wonderful to see Red Dwarf staying true to itself, not that I would expect anything else. I chuckled and smiled throughout the show with a couple of genuine gutbusting laughs as well. There were a could of wobbles but hardly anything unexpected from Red Dwarf. It was a wonderful way to spend a couple hours and forget the problems of the world.

My biggest disappointment was with
Lister's refusal to tell Rimmer that he liked him, although Kryten's reaction to the question was priceless.

There was some worry about using the 90-minute format, but they kept it interesting and fun the entire length, I thought.

The return of Norman Lovett has Holly started out weirdly but by the end he nearly stole the show. The guest cast was excellent and had a couple of very funny moments all their own.

I would call The Promised Land a worthy addition to the Red Dwarf universe. I hope we can get at last one more series from the Boys before they hang it up for good.

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