Stop squirming, open your mouth and just swallow. It's good for you!

It reminds me of when I was young and we kids had to swallow 1 spoonful of cod liver oil every evening after dinner. From October till March....

Got milk?

A little air brushing wouldn't hurt. Take the head off. Remove the two lower parts of the forelegs, color in the two roundish objects as eyes, add some eyebrows and change the remaining upper third section of the foreleg into a sideways beak, and it will look just fine. And now for something entirely different...sequencing the genes of Soylent Green.
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I've eaten mealworms and waxworms (which, as cooked, were pretty tasty) and crickets (which didn't taste like much, other than crunchy). So this is really not such a stretch.

In case you're wondering, I ate all these at the cafe of the Insectarium in New Orleans. But if I could find them commercially around here, I'd probably cook mealworms or waxworms at home. Now, getting my family to eat them would be another matter...
I saw a guy at school eat a cockroach once. As a bet. He put it between two slices of bread (with butter) and ate it. Alive.

What are you saying? Because he ate a cockroach at school, he didn't need to buy milk?


Cockroach... The ALL-inclusive super-food for YOUR good health!
Brought to you by the National Cockroach Dairy Farmers Association ~ Cockroach Milkers Union Endorsed

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