(Found) Sci-Fi series, lone human lands on planet, rescues settlement, four different species/regimes of adversaries - one called "Wankmen" or similar


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Sep 30, 2019
Hey all - trying and failing to find a sci-fi series I read a long time ago. I found it via TV Tropes 5+ years ago, and all the searching I must have done hasn't revealed what I was looking for.

I believe the series was published in the 70's - but I could be wrong on this, sadly. I remember the series being four books long, with each book having a different race/culture as the bad guy. The main character is a human explorer, a guy working alone on the planet. The first book involved them helping organise a colony against that book's antagonists. Another had them exploring a forest that grew the world's literal currency - people do this for money, while the race lording over them has free reign to hunt them in said forest. The main character has the novel idea of ambushing the alien race and taking their money instead of scavenging their own.

The detail I remember best, and what I'm honestly surprised hasn't given me any results, was the name of one of these races. It was "Wankmen," or something similar.

Anyways, thank you all!
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