Game of Thrones season 8 wins Emmy for outstanding series


The Iceman cometh
Apr 20, 2010
Game of Thrones won its 4th Emmy for outstanding drama series last night.
It seemed almost like it was a "lifetime" award than an individual season award when you consider some of the high quality opposition and then the problems with the final season. I think if it was the first or second time for it to win it would be deserved for that. But as the 4th I think it had received plenty of credit already. If you put it down to which show had the most people watching, talking and arguing then fair enough. That was phenomenal.

Peter Dinklage won for best supporting actor the 4th time. He is a superb actor. Whether he had much chance to show that in this particular season I'm not sure.
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That's exactly what I thought and had a wry chuckle about it to myself, yesterday morning. Perhaps there should be a separate, occasionally bestowed award for that purpose, rather than giving the Outstanding Drama Series award to a series that went out with a splutter and a noxious fart. I mean, we've effectively all been smelling that drain-like odour, our noses twitching in discomfort much like Joey Tribbiani doing his soap opera acting. If I may cross the streams and soar away on a flight of fancy.

I'm surprised Peter Dinklage was up for Supporting Actor - his name has been first on the credits for several series!
That is true. He is arguably a lead. But I think Jon Snow and Dany were positioned as the main two lead characters for a long time, even if their scenes didn't necessarily merit that over Tyrion.
Interesting when they had the main cast on the stage early on in the show that Isaac Wright (Bran) was still in the crowd. Despite taking the Iron Throne.
Apparently only the award nominees went up early in the ceremony. So a lot of them were nominated! Probably lip service for most of them. Emilia Clarke as nominee for best lead actress, though I'm relieved she didn't win.

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