Humans break through sphere surrounding solar system and meet hundreds of alien species


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Sep 20, 2019
I think this was within the last ten years, possibly Baen, certainly their sort of fiction, one sequel that I know of.

Spaceships leaving Earth are all destroyed by the sphere containing the solar system. The inventor of a new drive insists on a human pilot for the next test (maybe called Adrianne). All humans are brain-network linked to varying extents. On using new drive they find a new space that completely shuts down all implants, which sends one heavily network dependent human into a coma. The pilot almost manages to avoid a collision with a space station.

The humans send a team into the space station where they meet an alien who tries to trick them, but they trick him. This station is linked? to a gigantic installation (self aware ?) with thousands of alien races that compete for prestige and power.

This is maybe 2/3rds into the book, and where I put it down. Never found it again. The sequel was promised in the books blurb and may or may not have happened.


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Jan 7, 2010
Note the $0 version is release 1.0. There is an updated version with more content, but that one isn't free.