Three alien races using humans


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Sep 19, 2019
Book or probably(?) series, read maybe(?) pre-2000 in paperback
Science fiction: three races, one warlike and individualistic (win by any means), one seemingly peaceful and rather old-fashioned (not innovators, but good spies and technology thieves), one ultra-capitalistic (succeed or be trampled)
Humans used by all three races as soldiers, agents, whatever they need; book(s) largely about three humans, each serving one of the three races

It could just be if you allow for a little stretch here and there...

This sounds interesting I just ordered book #1. We'll see.
This sounds interesting I just ordered book #1. We'll see.
I read it many years ago Parson and I did enjoy it at the time. If I can dig it out from where it's hidden away, I think it's due a re-read
Ah! I had to look that one up. Read it a long time ago, in Dutch, so the title didn't ring a bell. But I couldn't imagine there was anything from Jack Vance I hadn't read.
Consisted of 4 books, in one volume with the title 'Tschai, the Mad Planet'.
Well, anything Vance wrote is in some way mad, or - as we like to say here - 'Pleasantly Disturbed'.
I still remember my schoolboy smirk as I plonked book two onto the library checkout desk in a very ostentatious manner.

(Dear colonials, Google British slang)
Parson slaps forehead! ---- Had to say it out loud, but yeah, that's a slang that I know from corresponding with Brits over the years.