(Found) Scifi short story - name wanted - psychiatrist befriends boy who has extreme intelligence


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Sep 9, 2019
Hi, about 10 or 20 years ago, I read a short story from a paperback sci-fi short story book that I bought from a 2nd hand bookshop. It could have been written 40 or more years ago. I think from a well known sci-fi author.
About a man who meets a boy who is struggling at school. It ends up being that he is super intelligent and has done things like breeding unusual cats by way of selective breeding and has written a classical music piece using mathematics.
Many thanks
Darn it, I've read this one in the not-so-distant past myself. The boy had made quite a lot of money as a writer and had to do all of his banking by mail. One of the stories he wrote concerns war story from the perspective of the pieces in a chess game, if I recall correctly.

Also: The story is told from the perspective of his teacher, who marks him as unusual when the boy is terrified of an intelligence test at school.

Do any of those details sound right? I'll be back if I can find it again. In the meantime, someone else may recognize it.
'In Hiding' from 'Children of the Atom' by Wilmar H. Shiras. The three stories that comprise the book were originally published in Astounding.