DISCUSSION THREAD, September 2019 75-Word Writing Challenge

@nixie .... The Problem with Space Travel .... Nixie gives us a story where the first contact is a crushing one.
@Jo Zebedee .... REGARDING EARTH .... Jo channels another famous Irish author, Jonathan Swift, as she tells a worrying tale.


I'm in. I don't find Dark Humor funny, even my own. Perhaps some people will.
@chrispenycate .... Automated Long Distance Independent Analytic SETI Scanner .... Chris makes us consider what the proper First Contact protocol should be, and perhaps, should not be.
Margaret Note Spelling points out the disadvantages of the holidays.

SPoots frightens the reader with an unexpected return.

Calliopenjo ponders the impact of too much communication.

dannymcg proves that turnabout is foul play.

Pedro Del Mar reveals how difficult it can be to read the intentions of others.

nixie demonstrates the importance of scale.

Jo Zebedee considers the sacrifices needed to preserve resources.

Parson shows the way in which visitors can sometimes disrupt local environments.

chrispenycate provides an example of a welcoming committee.
@johnnyjet .... Hand Puppets .... Johnny tells a tale that reminds me of a Bible phrase about "the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing."
Many thanks for the reviews, Parson and Victoria: I was really short of words for this one (and couldn't manage humout either).

But I had to submit something, din't I?
I'm holding off on reading everyone's stories so that I've got the best chance of finding the joke funny when it comes to voting. Then I'll read them all in one big gigglefest. In the meantime I'm doing crunches to make sure my sides don't split.
@StilLearning .... This one never got told 'no' .... Still L gives a whole new dimension to the terms "spoiled brat" and "helicopter parent."