DISCUSSION THREAD, September 2019 75-Word Writing Challenge

Congrats Nixie!
Also thank you everyone for the many chuckles, snorts and general merriment I got from your stories.
Congrats, @nixie!

Many thanks to those who mentioned or listed my story, and an extra special thanks to @RJM Corbet and @Artoriarius for the votes! No story behind my entry this month, except that I realised after posting that while writing I kind of forgot the genre was dark humour, and was simply writing a first contact story, and fortunately happened to hit the genre anyway!
@nixie Great story, even if I was seriously grossed out by the ending!

@The Judge ..... Thanks for your details about the story. I had to Google several times to even begin to understand the illusions. --- Speaking of allusions, I assume that you know that "splaining" was what Ricki Ricardo said that Lucille Ball had to do when she'd been particularly weird. "Lucy! You have some splaining to do."

As for my own story, I didn't want a story where anyone was maimed or killed. So I went for a gross out and had the mother ship do a sanitary dump on one of the most beautiful spots on earth for the "dark" side of the equation, and then had the purser complain about a paltry payment as being outrageous. --- Clearly my story did not meet muster this month.
I had a few problems choosing this month, since I'm not one for black humour. So for me quite a few of the entries, though worthy in their own right, weren't quite funny enough to raise a smile, and I wasn't sure whether that was a relevant factor to take into account when it came to voting, In addition there were one or two which I didn't quite get, especially as to the punch lines, which didn't help.

Anyhow, my list:

Dinner Guests -- Cathbad
Terms of Office -- Daysman
You're gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola company! -- Dr_R_Drizzle
Love at First Sight -- Peter V
Reaching Out -- SPoots
The Importance of Comic Timing -- Ursa major
The Liberators -- Victoria Silverwolf
Protocols of Preparation -- Vince W

And after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between SPoots' doubtless-just-about-to-be-staked alien and Ursa's carnivorous Vegans, SPoots just got the edge and he won the vote.

And a special mention to Jo for the sly reference to Dean Swift.

Some very noisy saloon thanks for the shortlisting/mentions MRG and Starbeast, and tremendously three-legged ballooning thanks for the wonderful votes Parson (thanks for the lovely compliment!) and CC (ditto!), and mosaix with his silent ninja vote!

Thanks for the vote!