DISCUSSION THREAD, September 2019 75-Word Writing Challenge

Well, at least I've got a mention!
Cheers :giggle:

Once the voting is over I'll reveal my inspiration for 'shall have it's day'


@Peter V
@Victoria Silverwolf
@Ian Fortytwo
@dannymcg - Excellent challange - I had a feeling I wasn't going to be the only one writing a disturbing tale.
@Pedro Del Mar
@johnnyjet - VOTE - "Hand Puppets"
@M. Robert Gibson
@Vince W
@Ursa major
@The Judge
@Perpetual Man
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A lot of good last lines in this Challenge. And good choices, dannymcg - it was fun.

So, my lists:

Cathbad, Luiglin, Victoria Silverwolf, Stable, Justin Swanton, Culhwch, M Robert Gibson, Hugh (loved the floating, blue walrus!), Vince W, Ursa major

Calliopenjo - I really enjoyed this, and LOLd at the closing line - my favorite closer of the Challenge - just so weird and unexpected.
The Judge - I smiled throughout, and envied this one a lot. I knew the Dan M. reference, but had to look up the Fred Karno. But I wanted to know enough who that was to check, so I was invested in this little 75 word gem.

And, I voted for Dan McGrew. Great work, TJ!

Finally, thanks very much, @Vince W, for the listing! Kept me from having an o-fer. :)

Good luck in the voting, all, CC
I had a few problems choosing this month, since I'm not one for black humour. So for me quite a few of the entries, though worthy in their own right, weren't quite funny enough to raise a smile, and I wasn't sure whether that was a relevant factor to take into account when it came to voting, In addition there were one or two which I didn't quite get, especially as to the punch lines, which didn't help.

Anyhow, my list:

Dinner Guests -- Cathbad
Terms of Office -- Daysman
You're gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola company! -- Dr_R_Drizzle
Love at First Sight -- Peter V
Reaching Out -- SPoots
The Importance of Comic Timing -- Ursa major
The Liberators -- Victoria Silverwolf
Protocols of Preparation -- Vince W

And after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between SPoots' doubtless-just-about-to-be-staked alien and Ursa's carnivorous Vegans, SPoots just got the edge and he won the vote.

And a special mention to Jo for the sly reference to Dean Swift.

Some very noisy saloon thanks for the shortlisting/mentions MRG and Starbeast, and tremendously three-legged ballooning thanks for the wonderful votes Parson (thanks for the lovely compliment!) and CC (ditto!), and mosaix with his silent ninja vote!
Congratulations Nixie

My Story: I kept thinking, "What if a flesh eating alien, abducts someone who is not an average person."

Jack the Ripper? Nah. Ahhh! Mr Hyde. And what if the alien was a shape changer too. A werewolf! Then add dark humor.

For a while I've been exposed to a great deal of Halloween advertisements. Then my tale all came together. Two psycho killers meet, and they get along with each other.

Mr Hyde, makes first alien contact, with a werewolf from outer space. Twisted, yet entertaining, I thought to myself. I like it!


@Calliopenjo "I had a glance at the poll, and noticed you voted for me. Thank you. You made my night, a delight!"​
Congratulations Nixie!

I don't really have an origin for my story. It was only based on the question: What if something went terribly wrong when the SPAM mail was opened? That was my brief answer. lol.
@mosaix did he crashed the Death Star?

@Ursa major Also I would like to get the permission to add likes to the story after the thread is closed, when I am reading them to give the vote. Is easier for me to do that, than compile a list an put it here.
Congrats @nixie :)

Thanks to Culhwch, Perpetual Man, SPoots, scarpelius, Daysman and J.C. Scoberg for the votes, plus the mentions folks.

I must admit to being a tad bit disappointed. I went to sleep all excited for a tie-break as I've never been in one of those before.

For my tale, I couldn't resist the weird mashup of the Dark Lord and Star Trek. It was the Vulcan ears that were the clincher :)
@Luiglin Actually it was the "logical features and pointed ears" with logical features weighing more. No idea who the Dark Lord is, but the setup is similar to World of Warcraft lore.