Some of the sets look familiar


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Aug 30, 2019
When they show interior shots of the Rocinante I swear it looks like the Serenity with a make over. Anyone else have the same thought? The hold of the Rocinante screams Serenity to me . I can't seem to find any definitive information of where those scenes were shot. I also thought the Firefly set had been dismantled. Nonetheless, if you move a staircase here, add some fancy cladding there, and a lot of LED lighting of course, it looks updated but still has the general shape and look of the Serenity hold. The size, the balcony, the background support structure, all looks Firefly.

Anyone know, or have I just fallen on my head too many times?


Al Jackson

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Jul 28, 2018
Almost all principal photography and production of The Expanse is done in Canada , Toronto.
When I compare interiors with the Serenity what is see is a similarity in design philosophy.
Both have a more domesticated lived-in look than Star Trek and Star Wars. That caught my eye in Firefly... seems to me The Expanse has bigger budget so looks like more detailing. Plus there are similar but different details in between the UN, Martian and Belter ships , but the concept seems to have a more utilitarian look. When one goes for a more functional concept I similar looks will appear.
Got say for many of those constant acceleration ships in The Expanse there seem to an awful lot of 'sharp' edges to run into!