SEPTEMBER 2019 75-word Writing Challenge -- VICTORY TO NIXIE!

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Setting a president

The saucers came, silver against the night sky.

“We have come!” their voices had told us. But when welcomed as first contact, they said, “No, false, wrong! You have met our scout, that was first contact!”

The doors opened.

They were humanoid.

Orange skinned.

Incredibly coiffed.

“We are Trump,” they announced together, “We are good. We will make things better. We will make you like us. Those who refuse will be walled in.”
Dead Planet Walking

"Hey, see what you think of this. I'm writing a book."

"Hmm. 'Wormhole plug. Gravball trophy. Extreme squashmallow toaster?' I don't get it."

"'101 Uses for a Dead Planet.' Brilliant, huh?"

"You… might want to do a little research first."

“And just where would I do that, in the middle of crackfrack Eridani?”

“How about that blue planet, third one down? Those people must know something: they’re obviously in a hurry to kill it.”
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