Summer update

Stephen Palmer

author of novels
Dec 22, 2009
Hello again to all my friends and fans here... :)
I've had a curious, interesting, unexpected and enjoyable holiday.
Back to the day job next Monday, so here's an update on my work...
(i) Tales From The Spired Inn is now set for publication by Newcon Press on 15th October. The cover is completed (a little concoction of my own), and has garnered some lovely comments on Facebook. Here's the link to it. Fans of my debut Memory Seed will want to check it out, I hope. (@Teresa Edgerton ) The limited edition will likely sell out quick, so pre-order that soon if you want one.
(ii) Famed steampunk artist Tom Brown is currently completing the new illustrations for the Factory Girl trilogy. I'm expecting the three books to be relaunched in December. There is more exciting news regarding this work, but at the moment it's secret and can't be revealed...
(iii) I sold my lunar story to Eibonvale Press' upcoming anthology The Once And Future Moon, edited by the most excellent Allen Ashley.
(iv) My story about Edgar Froese will be published with 19 other stories for the Ian Whates-edited anthology No More Heroes. Thrillingly, this is, as hoped, to be published by PS Publishing.
(v) Haven't written a word for months, and not expecting to until December. Yay! :)
That's everything so far.
Nice to be back!