Wasp on cover. Book I read in '80s. Man on alien planet where his skin looked gold & he was superstrong & quick.


Aug 21, 2019
Hi, i'v been trying to identify this book for years. It cant be Hothouse - not enough charecters.

As I remember it (I hope). Man with a rocket on an alien planet, and I think hes alone. He's been enhanced so now hes stronger & quicker & his skin is golden. Theres loads of alien lifeforms out to get him, but hes happier here than back on earth or in a suit. One life form is a giant stinging wasp. Another deadly one is a kind of predatory vegetation Rug or giant Purse that wants to fold around & ingest its victim. This lifeform waits in ambush to drop onto & consume you. Twist in the story when this finally happens to our hero, its a symbiant makes things better.
Story is little like John Carter of Mars.

I think I remember a big black & yellow wasp on the cover. And I have an idea the terrain was jungle green, so book cover may have been? This was early 80's and it was secondhand then.

Hope you can help
Doesn't fit exactly, but Deathworld by Harry Harrison has a number of similarities to your description.
I have seen a cover pic that fits your description. In one of my old sf encyclopedias. Frustratingly, 800 miles away at the moment.
Just read synopsis of Hothouse & gonna try it. Was 35ish years ago, so I may have mis remembered story
Hothouse is set on a far-future earth, with a group of individuals so far evolved as to be not quite human.
The Furies by Keith Roberts perhaps.

It's the only one with giant wasps I can think of.
The bronze man with exceptional powers sounds like Doc Savage-the rest of the OP description sounds like stuff out the mind of Brian Aldiss.
And then: there's that cover.
Dragonshaz, I think you're conflating two stories (this happens a lot). The second half of your description fits 'Hothouse' to a T, particularly the symbiont, while the first half sounds more like Russell's 'Wasp'.
Not the same story, but I've just stumbled across this book online and it's got a giant wasp on the cover (Bug Park by James P Hogan) - I'm putting the picture in here just in case it gives someone a mental jog to the missing tale

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