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May 4, 2005
I may live in Yorkshire but I'm a Scot
Anyone else watching it?
I haven't made up my mind yet , first couple of episodes have been slow, I'll give it a little longer because the storyline is good. An old guy in a rolls kidnapping children, starts growing younger. A girl who can find missing things. Hopefully it will start to pick up.


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Dec 23, 2011
I have seen the whole series; as I think it is more a mini-series, and has apparently ended with the 10th episode/installment. Oops, Wiki says 2nd season is on the way.

It is a supernatural thriller, and features Charlie Manx (Z. Quinto) who is linked to a classic Rolls Royce in such a way, that when its fuel in nearly gone, he become very elderly/sickly, etc., and when it is in pristine condition with a full tank, he is a young man, full of energy.

His character is abducting / saving unhappy children from abusive or neglectful parents, and taking them to Christmasland. He is the villain, for those who did not already know.

Good guys include a psychic girl who makes predictions using Scrabble tiles that she dumps out of the pouch that holds them, and arranges them in such a way that they spell something meaningful. Another girl rides around on a motorcycle and occasionally crosses a mystic covered bridge that only she can see.

I highly recommend this series!