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Nov 14, 2013
At Jeff Hunter"s home somewhere in Hollywood Hills .1965.

Actor Jeffrey hunter reads a script for a potential t.v. piolet . its about a show called Star Trek a unique name for a show.

Hunter thought to himself.

right now he just got done doing a western series Temple Huston it was just canceled and Hunter needs to go back to work..

Back ground on Star Trek.
Gene Roddenberry before creating star trek .Roddenberry wrote Have gun will travel .the lieutenant for television.
Roddenberry told NBC. producers

Jeff Hunter sat in his couch ,in his Los Angeles apartment Leonard Nimby was the only actor besides himself to go from the piolet to series. Majel was given a new role by Gene Roddenberry. George Takei. Nichelle Nichols .

Deforest Kelly. Andrea Dromm were all pleasant to work with. But Hunter was a movie star that worked with John Wayne in the searchers. Played Jesus in kings of king's not to mention playing the lead in sergeant Rutledge,

what the hell was he doing playing a star ship captain

named Christopher Pike week after week? only time could give Hunter the answer to that question.

Andre Dromm stays on as cast member. Walter Koenig. will not have Beatles haircut.

The star trek series was to be on NBC . since CBS turned down Star Trek they felt Lost in space was enough science fiction.
Star Trek was wagon train to the stars. his mistress and soon to be wife Majel Barrett was going to play number one the Enterprise first first draft it was going to be the u.s.s. Endeavor. in final draft it would later change to u.s.s. Enterprise. first draft the Enterprise skipper was captain Robert April. later changed to captain Christopher Pike.
loyed Bridges was invited to play captain Pike in the piolet. the cage.

Audiences thrilled to loyed in the adventure of sea hunt but bridges was not interested. next Jeffrey Hunter was asked he. Accepted.
In this period in time movie actors did not do television and Jeff hunter considered himself a movie actor..

Hunter wasn't sure about doing star trek but watched President Johnson talking about space exploration in 1965.

what started with piolet known as the cage ended up with a very popular movie franchise.
the actors going along for the ride weren't always sure what would happen next.

star treks best episodes.

2"Charlie X"1533.6Lawrence Dobkin Story by : Gene Roddenberry
Teleplay by : D. C. Fontana September 15, 196608 While traveling aboard the Enterprise, a dangerous young man named Charlie Evans terrorizes the crew with his unusual mental powers.[3] This episode serves as the backstory for the unofficial mini-series Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. this was Andre Dromm"s favorite part as she had much to do in this episode.

79 24"Turnabout Intruder"5928.5Herb Wallerstein Story by : Gene Roddenberry
Teleplay by : Arthur Singer June 3, 196979
Pike's consciousness becomes trapped in the body of a woman bent on killing him and taking over his command while inhabiting his body.[3]directed by Leonard Nimoy.

6 6"Mudd's Women"1329.8Harvey Hart Story by : Gene Roddenberry
Teleplay by : Stephen Kandel October 13, 196604 The Enterprise pursues a vessel and rescues its occupants, interstellar con man Harry Mud, who is arrested on outstanding charges, and three incredibly beautiful women, his cargo. After Pike diverts to a mining planet to obtain new dlithium crystals for the Enterprise, Mudd negotiates with the three miners there, exchanging his women for lithium crystals for his own profit. Finally, Mudd's deception is revealed as the women are, in fact, very

plain and only appear beautiful due to taking illegal Venus drugs. Pike obtains the crystals he needs and takes Mudd back into custody. in this episode Spock tells McCoy 11 years ago captain April was in command of the enterprise before pike. Spock served under April.

31 2"Who Mourns for Adonais?"3468.1Marc Daniels Gilbert Ralston September 22, 196733 The crew of the Enterprise are held captive by an alien who claims to be the Greek god Apollo. William Shatner played Apollo. Shatner and Hunter enjoyed working with each other.

[3]32 3"The Changeling"3541.9Marc Daniels John Meredith Lucas September 29, 196737 The crew of the Enterprise deals with Nomad—an indestructible, planet-destroying space probe that thinks pike is its creator. Star Trek: The Motion Picture was in part an expansion of this episode.[3]

33 4"Mirror, Mirror" Unknown Marc Daniels Jerome Bixby October 6, 196739
A transporter mishap slips Captain Pike and his companions into a parallel universe
we learn this universe's captain pike killed captain April get the Enterprise.

"Dagger of the Mind"2715.1Vincent McEveetyS. Bar-David November 3, 196611 While on a re-supply mission to a rehabilitation colony for the criminally insane, the Enterprise crew discover that the chief doctor has been using a device which destroys the human mind. Kirk and a female crew member, down on the planet, must deal with the problem up close and personal. Spock performs a mind meld for the first time in this episode.[
Hunter jokingly told Trek writer Spock should open a third eye ,Fontana took it seriously and Spock from now on have a third eye when doing a Vulcan mind meld.

Prelude to the cage.
In the episode the first shall be last. Milton Berle" Mr. Television. guest stars This episode takes place during the Rigel 7 incident which Pike mentions in the Cage. Roddenberry asked Nimoy to limp since Spock walked with a limp on the cage. Footage from the cage was spliced into this episode. since the piolet was not shown in first run however would be shown on 1989.

Break from Star Trek
After Star Trek Jeff Hunter played in aces a Don Knots Comedy with Roddy McDowall

Nimoy confined to Kelly he was thinking of quitting star trek he had released a album with a picture of him holding a star trek costume and Enterprise prop. Also he angered Rodenberry when Nimoy would not deliver a line in a episode hocking a Lincoln Enterprise souvenir for sale.

If Nimoy quit Rodenberry considered Rex Holman for the role OF Spock.

The Shatner connection
After years of only getting guest spots on t.v. William Shatner played opposite Gene Hackman in the film French Connection. it was a break out role for Shatner.

Trekking on the 70"s
Paramount bought the old net works Dumont used to own. star trek phase two would now go in production. Only problem Jeff Hunter. Leonard Nimoy would not be involved. Takie Koenig
Nicole's With
Actors playing
Xon .Decker , ilya

Production was about to start but the success of close encounters. Star wars convinced Paramount to do a film instead. Plans to do a fourth network was also canceled.

The Films

The first trek film was very slow paced so next film would be decided to have more action.
In wrath of khan Spock would
Disappear in a pod escape.

Third film it was decided not
To blow up the Enterprise.
Fourth Savick
Tells Pike she is having David's baby.

Last film
Both Sulu
Get their own ship
And it is revealed .Scotty and Uhura been married all these years
Jeff Hunter ;A man of the eighties.

hunter in 1981 looked back at his life. he married a third wife. guest stared in many t.v series .Gunsmoke ,Land of the lost .Kung fu. animated trek. something in his life was missing. he quit the bottle still felt empty inside. he turned on the t.v. for long time staring in tv was what he wanted to do till film roles came back film roles did when they started making trek films.
he watched Billy graham preached a sermon he then got on his knees to pray

The Next Generation

Encounter at farpoint

On the maiden mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), an omnipotent being known as Q challenges the crew to discover the secret of a mysterious base in an advanced and civilized fashion in star trek Next Generation ,Stephen Macht played captain john luc Picard. Ben murphy as commander Ryker Patrick Stewart as Data, at the last minute his make up would be changed from yellow to red.

Murphy played in a previous science fiction series Gemini man. Hunter guest stared in Murphy's other series alias smith and jones. Monika Ramirez as Macha

Hernandez who played in bigfoot wild boy.

in best of both worlds producers were considering canceling the series due to low ratings.

Jeff Hunter played admiral cartwright ,in this episode Picard would be killed off and Ryker would become captain. worf would go from cultural trade guest on

the enterprise d to full Starfleet officer and have relationship with Hernandez. also .Stewart would usually steal the show so data would now be first officer and

lead away missions ,Ratings for Next generation improved and the show continued till 1994.


There Are Always new Things to Learn.
Jun 29, 2014
Interesting alt later takes on Trek. :cool:

Had Jeff Hunter stayed with Trek, Trek would have been much the same show it was in the 60's. Trek would have probably been huge boost to his acting career.

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